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  • Finally, an answer for chronic headaches, migraines and TMJ/TMD pain!

    The pain of chronic headaches… sometimes nagging, often unbearable…

    Migraines… debilitating, throbbing, isolating, barely manageable

    Is it stress? What is wrong with me? Is it my hormones? Is it my sinuses? Am I genetically cursed? I don't even feel like getting my routine dental work done…

    Why can't this get figured out?

    Do I really have to live my life on pain-killers?

    Where do I turn for headache relief? Real relief…

    Is TMJ relief really possible without wearing a mouthguard every night?


    Finally, your dental office can help!

    The TruDenta systems have been designed to get at the heart of your headaches, migraines, TMJ, jaw pain or face pain. Through proven, state of the art technologies in the fields of advanced dentistry and sports medicine, you can finally get headache and migraine relief in a way that will:

    • Reduce your pain levels and the number of days in pain
    • Provide headache relief without dependence on drug related solutions
    • Give you control of your healing process
    • Possibly even give you your life back… you know the one before all this pain took you down the path of "trying to cope"

    It's time to have a talk with your dentist and dental hygienist about how we can help you. A simple painless screening test can determine if TruDenta is right for you. Our digital diagnostic technologies can even show you what might be causing your symptoms.